Stephanie Vitorino

Every time I walk into a gym, every time those glass double doors close behind me, I recognize, and appreciate the opportunity that fitness has afforded me. In the gym we reconnect with our bodies; confidence is found, our limbs stretch skyward, and ultimately, lives will be changed forever.

When I stand before a group fitness class, I remind myself that today, this hour, these men and women have put their trust in me to help them make that connection. They have decided that this life’s precious hour is best spent in the gym, training under my guidance.

I hold that trust as sacred. I give them my focus. I give them my strength. I give them my hope, and knowledge. And for the next sixty minutes, it will be only them. I will give them everything that I have. I will never forget the faces of those who have stood before me. You have made me the trainer that I am.

Thank you,